Stella Maris Häfele

1.     More than just words Stella is popularly known as..Wife, Fashion Designer, Stylist, and entrepreneur.

Where I have been created my brand consisting of clothing, accessories such as jewellery, clutch, bag and soon shoes perfume and sunglasses. I am so grateful for the fashion industry in Nepal for accepting me and gave me a chance, to grow as a Fashion Designer, and that was the reason I did my first ever fashion show in Victory Lounge Kathmandu and not in Europe.

And look it knows I am a faculty member of Namuna College, my clothing line will be in Labim Mall, and I work for two fashion magazine, I could not be happier.


2.    Where do you think you are at this point in your career?

Since I started my fashion career in 2012 it has been up and down like a role cost, but with arduous work, sharp business sense, and emotional support of my dearest.  I can say at this point; I am in a fantastic place, where I Can work in what I love, Fashion.

3.    What makes you stand out?

What makes me stand out is the ability to fly high and to be able to be in my world where my head is like a big garden full of flowers that I will call metaphorically ideas. Where I can design beautiful peace for Theatre or fashion shows,

4.    How do you describe fashion?

Fashion is a state of mind, where you can express yourself in a very significant way. It allows people to communicate in a unique language, speaking instead of a word it does with colour, shape, and creativity.

Fashion trend goes beyond the imaginary barrier, is connected with nature, music, politic, economic influence and much more.   Delivering the correct message to society.

5.    Between fashion designing, styling, traveling different countries, owing own fashion business and been wife, how do you manage time?

Indeed, I think I am good at time management and organization skills, as I am based in Germany, but I have team worker in Argentina, London, Germany, and Nepal, whit out all of them it could not be possible.

Most of the time I work 18 hours a day especially when is London Fashion week or when I showcase my collection.

 About my personal life, I learned to merge very well my time at work, and my time with my husband, I am fortunate to have him for eight years now. But to become my dream true, I owned more than words to a family member best friend and mentor called John Newall.

6    What is your dream fashion project in Nepal?

Well, I think I need to look for another dream now as my big goal was to have my clothing line in Nepal. And it come true last Saturday 14th October in Red Velvet Labim Mall.

Such excellent opportunity to show beautiful Nepal my designs and bring a little bit of European sense of style.

7.     Have there been any language barrier in fashion designing while traveling to different countries?

Not really when I work in Argentina, I speak Spanish my mother tong, when I go to Germany speak German and when I go to London or came here to Nepal I speak English.

And also don’t forget Fashion have their language as I say before, speak with colours and shape.

 8.     Is there any specific thing that you won’t miss in any of your design?

Indeed, I won’t miss the diversity such as in textile and design. You will always find bright colour, bold jewellery, and some dresses are one of a kind made with the textile that I bought from Morocco, Nepal, India or Istanbul, where allow me to make just one, and you will not find other in anyplace.

 9.     Beside fashion design and styling what would you love to do?

Besides designing and styling, I love to teach to share all that I have been learning for a long time, to prepare the new generation of Fashion Designers.

And also to write, since I won’t go in 1989 a price for my writing skills, I love to express my world into my writing, where I can experiment a side of the fantasy. Maybe write a child book will be a good idea in the future.

Stella Maris Häfele with models Sadhana and Ashim at RED Velvet

10.     Recently you became the part of Red Velvet at Labim Mall with the brand name Stella Maris Haefele. How did you came to know about Red Velvet.

Well, I know about Red Velvet since it opened as I am a great fan of one of the best Nepali Fashion Designer Yubi Thapa, that I have the honour of own two skirts from his collection.

Two months ago I have got a call from Red Velvet team, they wanted to have my collection in Red Velvet.

I thought it was a great opportunity to become part oof this wonderful family called Red Velvet.

11.     What kind of designs can we find in this collection?

This collection is exceptional as it was last August in London Fashion Week. And was made with the inspiration of Venetia Newall, a great friend that passed away last April. Where you can find lots of colours and different shapes, this time I focused on the femeneidad of every woman, trying to tell and history.

Mainly you will see lots of catsuits, long and sexy dresses, short, summer poncho, shirt, corset and much more but you also will find jewellery and clutch.

Stella Maris Häfele with DATFashion Reporter Sanju Shrestha and Designer Nidhi Pradhan

12.     Last but not the least, give us some of your fashion and styling advice.

When it comes to fashion tips, I will recommend always organize your clothes going light to dark from left to right in your closet. Panties line are not ok; every woman should buy seamless and nude underwear. A pencil skirt should be just at the top of your knee. Otherwise, it will start to shorten your leg.



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