Fashion Insider: Nidhi Pradhan

Who is Nidhi Pradhan?
Nidhi Pradhan is a final year student at Namuna College of Fashion Technology studing Bachelors in Fashion Designing. I’m a simple thinking girl who, likes to help other and enjoy my work.

Why did you choose to become fashion designer and how is the experience?
I have loved clothes from when I was young.  As I grew, my interest on Fashion design also grew. Fashion design is an art to express your feeling. It’s my passion. I love interacting with new and different people.

Talk about their choice on fashion mainly, with apparels and unique designs. The adaption of new fashion that move around the daily life. Talking about my experience, I love interacting with people and learn their experience about fashion.

Plus, you meet different people with different tastes which helps a lot to enhance my skills. 

Having passion on fashion or any thing that relates to fashion industry such as makeup, walking on ramp, photography and  to study about religion and cultural style of fashion; more over i like to travel different place and gain experience regarding ethics.
So, that I can utilise my knowledge on my designs.

What kind of challenge you had to face with your initiation?
First of all, Fashion design is not renowned career in Nepal. People are just developing their interest on fashion in past five years and being brand conscious. When I started I didn’t think, it was very tough to study but having my passion in fashion designing I enjoyed each and every thing.

It requires lot of hard work and lot of research in this field because people taste changes according to time. It is hard to make people satisfy but when people are satisfied and appreciate my work. This motivates and encourages me to work harder and be a successful designer.

How long has it been working in field of fashion and what do you plan on achieving through it?
I have just started designing dresses."Haute Couture Fashion Fiesta" was my 1st grand approach towards fashion industry.

If not Fashion Designing, what would you be doing?
I would be studying Management and after my studies; I will be still promoting and will be working in in fashion industry and help other to grow their businesses.

What is your favorite outfit and accessories?
I don’t have particular choices but I have my own touch of style. Any type of dress that suits me and comfy, that make me feel better after wearing it.

What kind of design do you like to do?
According to the demand and trend. People taste changes day by day so, we should think ahead of time.In regards to the model looks and personality I like to design which not only gives me inner peace but make the wearer feel special after wearing my outfits.

What is your future plan?
I’m still in my learning phase. I want people to know me by my designs. I want to travel around the world along with my designs.

Design by Nidhi
Pic Samana Gotame (Bijen Photography) 




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