An Interview with Fashion Designer Stella Maris Haefele

Stella Häfele is an Argentinian fashion designer and the founder and CEO of This season it was hard to ignore hand-embroidered flowers and pearls dominated at the Wallis by Stella Maris Häfele, 2018 collection, showcased at Mrs India UK London England. 

This line aims to prevent the extinction of the hand embroidery tradition. To be able to work and develop as a fashion brand Stella Maris Haefele created another, a prêt-à-porter line. This line is manufactured industrially using unique quality materials, and – of course – inspired by Her Royal Highness Duchess Wallis Simpson. When women were liberated from the restricting codes of the trend to discover their newfound beauty and charm through clothing. From the sheer tops and dresses to sequins and feather details, each model exuded the confidence to dress in a look that demanded a certain stage presence.

How has your work grown since you began your label?

The evolution I see in my job is that I have got gradually closer to the essence of the original Nepalese style and at the same time made it increasingly appealing to a contemporary audience. I’ve managed to work with stunning people from the Fashion Industry.

How is your work received internationally?

Extremely well! In 2015 Prima Facie Collection was showcased in Victory Lounge Kathmandu Nepal, in 2017 Venetia collection was showcased in Cordoba Argentina and this year Wallis collection was showcased in London England. And the audience gave me great feedback and was very enthusiastic about my Job. You can find my collection at RED VELVET in Labim Mall Kathmandu Nepal; the store is very popular with foreign visitors to the city.

What can everyone expect in the future of the brand?                                                                

I will persevere to make a statement through my pieces, including an assortment of accessories and swimwear. Bring my handmade work to life through wedding and nightgowns. I believe in creating glamorous clothes that make women feel even more captivating.

Which piece in this collection do you see has the “celebrity piece”?

My celebrity piece has to be the green neon blouse with sequence trouser, (piece  wearing  by mode Sadhana Ranabhat).Though it looks simple, it’s a must-have. You can do so much with it!

What are you captivated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work?

I love teaching young people. My experience as a Visiting Lecturer at Namuna College of Fashion Technology in Kathmandu Nepal was productive and very rewarding. Working as a Visual merchandising at the German Red Cross opened lots of door for me, we are working on a new project for 2019, that I am very excited.

If you could Style anyone, who would you like to dress?

Where do I begin! I love, London Based Marisa Di Muro Opera singer, and dressing her is my dream come true, I style Marisa for her different events. And I would love to Style, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex (Megan).

What would you like to accomplish before the end of the year?

I would like for my brand haefele.fashionto evolve into a space that is a ‘total’ experience for customers. To purchase online, if God wants it will be launched before December 2018.

What’s your favorite slogan?

 "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade."

What is the biggest lesson that you have experienced since you started your company?

Be proud! Starting any business is one amazing achievement. When you make it past one year that is a big deal. So be proud of yourself. You are doing amazing things and should beam with pride when you look at what you have done. Be proud, but always remain humble.

Fashion Journalist: Telly O.

Photographers: Anil Mandahar, and Mrs India UK.

Models: Sadhana Ranabhat and Ashim Ranabhat

Germany 22nd September 2018









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