Lock Down Interview Series 2: Aakash Shrestha


Aakash Shrestha is the founder and creative head at NÉPAMODE His brand evolves and indulges around the amalgamation of western aesthetic and Eastern craftsmanship and heritage art.

1. How are you utilizing the lock down?

Basically, I keep myself busy researching, trend hunting and developing ideas which all the creative professionals love to do anytime.

2. Are you planning for some new project after this lock down is over? Tell something about it to us.

We planning a spring festive collection. Themed around vintage floral printmaking n bohemian style which will include both Western and Eastern silhouettes like calf length dresses and lehenga cholis like we always do. Besides, we are also working on brand development strategies for online presence. All set for post lockdown better days, hope it ends soon for best.


3. Your suggestion about how to utilize the lock down.

The foremost suggestion would be you do some sort of workout and yoga to balance your inner self with your physical presence n fitness. Keep yourself busy in anything productive. Learn to do household chores or try cooking new stuff.

Watch documentaries in different subjects and understand different perspectives of life and be compassionate. Learn a new language or paint or go for some free online courses. Just try stay optimistic and make your relationships with family and friends warmer. Stay home stay safe and positive.


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