Lock Down Interview Series 1: Rojin Shakya

Rojin Shakya is National and International fashion choreographer and Media person/ Personality coach.

1.   How are you utilizing the lock down?

It's been quite a long time not being able to give quality time to myself and my family. Lock down has let me to fulfill this missing part. I am in partial lock down as my duty hours at Image Channel as news reader is scheduled every morning. But after I return back from duty I am following the lock down and letting my family members to follow as seriously as possible. Since I am pretty much interested in culinary arts and have learned it long time back. I am utilizing the lock down to recall the skills. I am almost busy trying out recipes that I have learned and trying some new as well. So, I am having fun with vegetables, fruits, spices and many other eateries. Besides that gardening and cleaning is been a part of routine these days. Personal hygiene and cleanliness regarding everyone in the family is also been regulated and monitored. I have invested some time in writing and reading as well. Listening to music while cooking is been other best part.

I am almost busy trying out recipes that I have learned and trying some new as well

2.   Are you planning for some new projects after this lock down is over? Tell something about it to us.

Definitely a big yes, because a lot of pending projects and new commitments need to be fulfilled after this lock down gets over. The initial grooming session of Miss Newa 1140, Miss Nepal Peace season 7 was already been started before the lock down was started. As the official choreographer of these events I need to complete my part of responsibility as lock down gets over. Likewise I was also been looking after the grooming session of Manhunt International Nepal 2020, that would be resumed. Likewise I need to complete a fashion show called artist Nepal fashion show that was been halted because of lock down. Likewise projects like Miss SEE National, Junior school prince and princess, fashion icon Bhaktapur, Mr. and Miss SEE Best Model of the year, Mrs. Tamang, SEE Princess would take off. Likewise I would hosting an online musical talent search competition called Multimedia star and like international pageant called Heritage Pageants 2020 would also be my professional engagement.


3.  Your suggestions about how to utilize the lockdown.

I strongly believe this is the time to take care of yourself and your near and dear ones. Physical and mental well-being is a must at this situation. One should be trying to remain stress free. Regular exercise, healthy diet, listening to music, dancing, exploring hobbies etc. would be better way to make oneself busy and healthy. Being updated with the current happening is also a must. But should be aware of updating and being effected with the news is different. Personal hygiene and cleanliness should not be comprised and also not letting anyone in the family to violate it. Following the lock down is seriously and sincerely to be managed. Being self-motivated and motivating others as possible should be done.


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