Lock Down Interview Series 4: Ranjit Chhetri

1. How would you like to introduce yourself to our viewer?

Working in fashion has always been my passion, which I am proud to say is a dream now turned into reality. I am a fashion designer with years of professional work experience, and currently the CEO of a growing fashion school:Chitwan School of fashion. Apart from this, I am working as a costume designer in Nepali Film Industry.

2. How are you utilizing the lock down?

I've been making the most of this lockdown. From working out to therapeutic cooking to having a quality time with family to creating more memories - this period of staying home has been quite productive and healing in many ways. And not to forget, I am investing a lot more time in designing!


3. Are you planning for some new project after this lock down is over? Tell something about it to us.

Yes. I am dedicated to enabling the dreams of aspiring fashion designers. Which is why I am planning to introduce a new fashion house which can be a platform for all new and upcoming fashion enthusiasts and designers. I think the more platforms and support we provide to these youngsters, the more will our industry grow. I'm also planning to organize another grand fashion show soon.


4. Your suggestion about how to utilize the lock down.

My message to everyone right now is to stay positive, stay happy as you stay home, stay safe. Look at this period as an opportunity to give time to things you would otherwise never have time for - mainly for yourself. Indulge in creativity as much as you can. Read, draw, cook, start gardening, watch something, listen to music, or anything you love. And make sure you practice self-care through yoga and home workouts for a stress-free and healthy stay at home!


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