Mamta Gurung Joshi with her label 'MIMZ'

Mamta Gurung Joshi, a Fashion Designer set her own label ‘MIMZ’. Graduate of IEC, a Fashion Designing Institute and  has been married for about seven years.
She has showcased her collection at TGIF Fashion Week, which brought her to the lime light. In 2010, she was approached by House Of Fashion to display her designs in their show and outlet, which she believes as the turning point of her life and a step forward.

"The first goal was just attaining knowledge", but along with her study she found herself being challenged along the way. Fashion Designing is challenging and fun. It is to be faced with style, cut and variation in the designs. 

​​​​​​Mamta along with her husband, ‘Pranaya Raj Joshi’ & sister in law, ‘Sristi Joshi Malla’ are the pioneers of Stain Glass at Naghpokhari.
It's never a dull moment in Fashion. She was interested in western gowns & cocktail dresses. She loves Red carpet Outfits worn by Angelina Jolie. The actress is also a role-model for Mamta.
The main challenge is to bring out designs in affordable price and quality along with the need of people. She does not exploit the design source and keeps the idea flowing either way.

Mamta suggests to stay inspired and be prepared for all the practical work and have a keen eye for details because designing is all about detailing . She believes hard work pays off.


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