Fashion School in Chitwan by Ranjit Chhetri and his friends

Ranjit Chhetri has established School of Fashion in Chitwan Narayangard with name "Chitwan School of Fashion" with his college friends from Namuna College of Fashion Technology where he passed out Bachelors degree in Fashion Technology. Recently they have done grand opening of school with fashion show named Chitwan Glam Eve 2019. We had short talked with Ranjit Chhetri.

1. How are you feeling after the grand opening of your school?

I’m feeling very felicitous and proud as well. We the team of Chitwan School of Fashion was excited to meet this day with a very well and qualitative preparation of fashion designing courses

2. You have established school with your friends from your college. How you come in to this idea of opining fashion school in Chitwan?

First of all, I was only thinking outskirts of Kathmandu valley to start a school, and then I figure out one of the developing city of Nepal that also is my home town. Chitwan is a town/place that is captive and potential with all aspects for an establishment of fashion industry and the right time to start is now, that was some kind of factors that aspire me and encourage at the same time to establish CSF here at Chitwan with my colleague Ranjit Chhetri, Sujan Pariyar, Sangita Darnal, Jayesh Chaudhary and China Thapa.

3. Are there other fashion school in Chitwan ?

Yes, there are two other fashion school named IFC and Binu’s Fashion school running from past years within my information.

4. What are the difference between your school and others?

Actually, I am less familiar to all the other fashion school’s course content and education management, albeit they are also doing fine with the assumptions of running fashion stores here. My confidence of introducing more advanced syllabus and practices based on international system of fashion course with an integrated methods of creating andmarketingfashion brands that has been researched ,analyzed and confirmed by our team of young and experienced members will surely differentiate our school from any other school.

5. You are yourself established fashion designer and have done dress design for many Nepali movies. Can you name some of them?

Talking about my designs in movies, I have designed dresses for Nepali movies like Gaatho, Sayad2 , Lalpurja, Mr. Jhole etc.

If  there’s unique marvelous piece of gem lying around reachable distance than everyone will die to pick it up at any cost .

6. Can you share your experience working as dress designer for them?

In my past projects I especially worked as a costume designer and fashion stylish in some movies which I already mention and also as in house designer for a short time periods. Throughout the voyage of my experience I realized unless and until we don’t offer choices is going to be change .Consumers pick styles in which they do feel comfort but primarily we need to offer some new design silhouettes, style line, color palatesand texture that will tends them up to jump over a new fashion cycles/trend . Our fashion industry is a gear up which can only be done by fashion designers.

7. Ok, let’s change the topic. What is the scope of fashion designer in context of Nepal?

If  there’s unique marvelous piece of gem lying around reachable distance than everyone will die to pick it up at any cost .The instance is to define the scope of Nepali fashion designer in context of our country is high if we do some more mats, otherwise it’s sustainable work. There is always space for design and quality, so there’s a good scope in fashion for a good fashion designer label. In my thoughts there’s need for better practice and experiments in design and textiles that can be approved as international standard, Which will helps us to increase our consumer radius beyond our diasporas.

If you think fashion design is a job then you are in the wrong industry, its life

8. What would you like to say who want to get into fashion industry?

Fashion industry is a creative field of study which is always good for one who has fantasies of beautiful imagination and good sense of design and color. If you are passionate and dedicated enough to invent new ideas and create something new every day then fashion designing is best to enrolled with. As Michael Kors on 2016 CFDA/VOGUE FASHION FUND said “If you think fashion design is a job then you are in the wrong industry, its life”


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