Italian Fashion Designer For Nepal: Hritesh Ghimire

Hritesh Ghimire is Fashion designer from Italy, right back to give a dashing look on fashion in Nepal. With greater visions for his brand and designs, he’s interested to work in Plus size and Men’s wear.

1.Let us know about you and your story.

I grew up in Italy. I stayed with my family at Sereonteo, Italy for more than a decade. It has been a couple of years in Nepal now. I work as a freelance fashion designer. Recently, I’ve engaged in the events like Classic Diamond, TGIF. I’m also working as a volunteer for NGO in the rural areas like Namche, Dolakha, Mugu and Charikot.

2.What are your morning rituals and what do you do to keep yourself healthy?

Well, I don’t have any special kind of morning rituals. I usually work late night at office, return back to home and check my mail at midnight, then I prepare a schedule for tomorrow. Next morning, I wake up at 8:30 or around 9 am. Then I have a cup of coffee and do some yoga and exercises to keep myself healthy and fresh. Sometime I go for a morning walk as well. And if I talk about food I must say less spicy and boiled foods are mostly preferable.

3.Why and where did you start your first project? How was the experience?

I completed Diploma from Nepal and went to Italy. It was a vast difference, 99% difference in course I found in Italy. In the beginning, I was much confused and I was thinking to leave. Later I gave a try. I started my first project in Italy. It was called a “Scenterio Goreaz of Garment”. We were to design cultural styles. I was selected in top 25. Here in Nepal, I’m working on my design.

4.What kind of challenges you had to face with your initiation?

After completing my Bachelor degree from Polimoda in Italy, I came back to Nepal. Initially, I wanted to organize a fashion show for my project, but I didn’t know what type of fabrics, textiles, quality and measurements were available in the market. I coordinated with one of the oldest school friend of mine, who is also a fashion designer. He made me known about the materials used for making garments, patterns, color and styles seen in Nepali market. Moreover, it was challenging with the styles of Nepal because western styles are familiar in Italy whereas traditional styles and designs are more familiar in Nepal.

5.How long has it been working in your brand and what do you plan on achieving through it?

It has not been more, it’s like about 15 months. I have been working in my own project. Before that I was working as an intern in Pashmina factory. First I’ve to know what kind of fabrics, colors, prints, trends, textile are being used, because I’m planning to bring my own level in market. Recently, I’m focusing on my projects, and doing research on my products. I might be in market with my own online store from end of 2017. It might take a couple of years to publish my thought standard level of products and brand in Nepal.

6.What else are you involved in except the fashion business?

I was here in Nepal before the massive earthquake. As I mentioned before I’m involved in VSO Nepal and Restless Development as a Volunteer in the rural areas like Namche, Dolakha, Charikot and Mugu. Especially, we have to work under skill development, livelihood and health education projects in a coordination with models and communities. I was also involved in Maiti Nepal. Here, I had to provide a class of skill development, art and sketches.

7.Should we be expecting Your Brand’s exclusive product anytime in Nepal?

I think you shouldn’t expect it yet. I’ve started and I’m just looking for the responses. Let me try first. I’ll be in Nepali market after a couple of years or more than a couple of years.

8.What’s your principle or motto of your life?

My motto is to establish own level in Nepal. I’m working on street fashion, and thus I want to go through a ground level so that it will be helpful for me to high level of fashions. I’ve also planned to bring my own brand here in Nepal. First, I’ll go with trial version and later if people admire, then I’ll be in market with exclusive products. Especially, I want to work on men’s designs and plus size designs.

9.What is your favorite outfit and accessories?

Talking about my favorite outfit and accessories, I mostly wear tailored wears. Sometime sweater and overcoat. I carry hand bag, watch and sunglasses.

10.How do you think women should look and feel like?

They should carry the dress which suits upon them. They shouldn’t copy others. First, they should know the shape of the body, and consult to the fashion magazine, fashion expertize to know the proper designs, colors, textures, prints and silhouette that fit the body shape and size. Copying others may look good to others, not which resembles the same person.

11.What’s the difference you found in fashion between Italy and Nepal in sense of Fashion?

In every 30 seconds, fashion changes in Italy. Thus, they should look over every aspects of fashion. While making a design they should know what kind of color, textures, prints, patterns are changed. But here in Nepal fashion changes slowly. The fashion that has revealed in like 2015 in Italy, here in Nepal it arrives after about 2 / 3years. Usually they follow the domestic designs. To go with a flow of changeable fashion they must follow the international designers and their ideas, which might be productive in sense to bring the changes in fashion.

12.If you are to rate the Fashion of Kathmandu on the scale of 1-10, what would be your rating?

Actually, I’ve visited most of the cities of Nepal like Biratnagar, Dharan, Pokhara, Itahari and Narayangarh. I have seen people in Dharan are more fashionable like people do in Italy. People in Italy follow the fashionable trends after a couple of month or 15 days and so do the people of Dharan. Therefore, I would give 8 for Dharan. All over Nepal, mostly Kathmandu I would give it 6.

13.What do you want to suggest the young ladies and men who are body conscious and don’t feel good about them?

First, they should look at fashion magazine, fashion media, fashion newspaper, color, trend and style. They should do the fashion according to the season. And when it comes for body conscious, they might consult with fashion expertise.

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Reporter/ Writer: Binita de Smriti

Photograher: Gozz Shakya




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