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A 25 year old transgender model Meghna Lama from Damak, Jhapa. She is the managing director of Pink Tiffany Restaurant. Let us know more about her and her achievements.

Could you say a few words about yourself?

Hello Everyone! This is me, myself transgender Meghna Lama, human activist, self-entrepreneur and ramp model.

How did you start your modeling career?

It was humiliating. People, even these days, are calling me like transgender as “Chhakka”, “Hijada”. The platform are unknown for us. When I heard that Blue Diamond Society organizes a pageant show like Miss Pink Nepal (Miss Transgender Nepal) for transgender ladies, my friends suggested me to participate in the show. When I participated in the Miss Pink pageant and I got crowned as Miss Pink Nepal 2010, an opportunity to represent Nepal in an International Platform in Miss International Queen Pageant, I felt I could also do something in the modeling field. Also, Malvika Subba dee gave me a break in Trendsetter season 1 in 2012. Collecting all those experiences, I started my modeling career.

How do you recollect the event during Miss Pink Nepal 2010 and Miss International Queen Pageant 2010?

Being a transgender myself, it was difficult to meet a platform. After the title I got for Miss Pink Nepal 2010, my life changes. I got a chance to gather a lot of new experiences, which also helped me to enter in the field of modeling. Family members also accepted me easily in that day.

What are the hardest thing about your coming out?

It was the hardest for me because I was a single child in my family after the death of my elder brother. As they had seen me as a boy by birth, they used to say to get marry according to the tradition. It was challenging and very hard to convince my family about my feelings at that time.

Let us know the experience of the projects you involved.

I am a youth advisor council member in an US embassy. Luckily I got a chance to handle a 3 days project. 25 transgender from different part of a country in a group were provided an orientation about “Empowerment LGBTI”. In the orientation, different sectorial topics including agriculture, videography, director, actors, fashion designing were included. It was successfully conducted. It was an achievement of my life as well.

What do you think about the present situation of transgender women in the society?

Although, there are substantial changes we have in our country, but we still don’t have any equal rights for us. In most of the cases, we are discriminated if we initiate to do something ourselves in the society. It is like a very worst situation.

What do you mean about “Fashion” in your life?

Fashion is changing moment for each and every one. It should be carried out properly as it is very important thing for our life.

What kind of outfits do you usually prefer to wear?

I love to wear outfits, depending on situations and occasions. I wear kurtha when I go temple, formal dress for official purpose, cocktail dress if I go for party and if I go to attend events or pageant shows, I wear gown.

What is the secret of your everlasting beauty?

Smile! I regularly use make up so; it is the part of my life. Balance foods are also the main factor of beauty. I think it is also the most important thing for every women.

What do you do to keep yourself fit and healthy?

I usually work out in a gym and take healthy foods.

What would you suggest to the young transgender ladies who have a dream to be a model like you?

I am very much inspired by Anjali Lama dee. I would suggest not to lose hope, be confident and move through with the dream you have chosen or taken. Recognize and present yourself in your way. Take healthy foods and do skin care too.

How do you envision ways to empower the young LGBTI?

How, I empower to not only young LGBTI but also to all youth to initiate to do something in our country rather than moving to abroad. We have a knowledge, advanced technology and a lot of opportunity to implement the dreams we have. The only thing we need to be is self-inspired, watching the movement of the people in the world.

Reporter/Interviewer: Binita De Smriti

Photographer: Dbase Shrestha


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