Energetic Persona in Glamour: Shubha Acharya

Shubha Acharya is a Fashion  Insider and a social work enthusiast. He is a VJ and a model. A handsome man to have your eyes on.

1.         Who is Shubha Acharya?

-           A normal, hardworking human for the things I want to achieve, bring changes in, and kind to needy creatures.

2.         Why and where did you start your first project? How was the experience?

-           My first project started in 2012 model of the year. I won a tittle itself. Tough indeed.

3.         How long has it been in the Glamour Field and what do you plan on achieving through it?

-           It’s been 5 years. I am very thankful to all my well-wisher, started from modeling heading with TVC, television presenter to music video and what not? Further, I am planning for master in acting.

4.         What else are you involved in except the Glamour business?

-           This has almost been my full time job but social work is something I love doing.

5.         Should we be expecting anything new from you, anytime soon in Nepal?

-           Yes, Super Model Hunt Nepal season 1, and Runway Temptation 3D on the way.

6.         What’s your principle or motto of your life?

-           I believe whatever, you do just be alive, and make sure you be happy that makes you more alive.

7.         What is your favorite outfit and accessories?

-           As far as its comfortable to my body and price tag my outfit is always shining like my smile. *Followed with laughter*

8.         How do you think women and men should look and feel like?

-           I have always love women in high heels and men suited formally, but at times your mood is the one. One is queen and king to yourself just live it to the fullest, maybe because of me growing in this industry, and knowing them personally and officially has made me better human with positive attitude. One can look  beautiful and handsome and should feel it too.

9.         What do you want to suggest the young ladies and men who are body conscious and don’t feel good about them?

-           Well, no one is perfect in this world, everyone has some flaws and adoring them and accepting them makes you a better person,  Don’t starve yourself. Eat whatever you want, make sure you workout mentally and physically.


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