For the Movie Radhe: Sunita Shrestha

Sunita Shrestha, a Fashion Designer who got her 1st break in the movie Radhe. Radhe is soon to be released movie with the super casting of Priyanka Karki and Nikhil Upreti. We are informed, Our designer Sunita is soon to work various other movies with actors and actresses.We asked few Questions on her personal life and Fashion. Let us see, What Sunita is all about.

1. Who is Sunita Shrestha?

Sunita Shrestha is a struggling fashion designer who will impact the Nepalese Fashion Industry soon.

2. Can you tell us about your childhood?

I was born in Nawalparasi. I studied in Bishwo Jyoti English Boarding School till 5th grade and started schooling from 6th grade in Jana Jyoti Higher Secondary School. After SLC, I came to Kathmandu for further study. I did +2 from Billiant Multiple College in commerce. Since my interest on designs and fashion from childhood, I joined IEC to make my dream true. Meanwhile, I found no fruitful classes and I left taking classes. After some time, I took an admission in Namuna College of Fashion Technology.

3. Were you interested to this fashion field from your childhood?

I was interested in sewing since, my childhood. I used to sew the clothes for my doll. Because of my interest on sewing, I used to make designs and develop it in a real dress. People around my society were astouned to see the designs I made and ordered to make the same kind of dress for them as well. I liked to create design by patching different piece of fabric in my dress and wear it. After seeing my interest on designing, people started suggesting me to join fashion designing course and I came to know about the classes for fashion designing. Today, I am doing my Bachelor degree.

4. What was your expression when you heard the name of yours as a Costume designer for the upcoming movie “Radhe”?

I was overwhelmed. It was like, I entered the first step of the way to my destiny. It is a great ENTRY into the fashion field I have ever made.

5. Who is your inspiration?

I do not have particular things that I follow. I do follow everything, from trends to styles and designers. Also, I add my own creativity to accentuate the designs I create.

6. How do you describe your personal style?

I am bold and loud since my childhood. I prefer to be comfortable in boyish, punky and tom boy types. I usually do dress according to the programs.

7. What hobbies do you have that relate to the fashion field?

I listen music, watch songs and movies. Besides, I surf internet to know the current trends and styles. Regular habit of researching on fashion and its trends and styles has helped me in the fashion field more.

8. Define “Fashion”.

Fashion is the style with a comfort level.

9. What do you want to suggest to the struggling/upcoming Fashion designer in this field?

You must be initiative, innovative and enthusiastic. You should participate in different pageant shows you are offered, don’t let go because you are learners. Learning can grow with the self-confidence and initiation. Every people have their own creation, you should use your creativity and do your best, and you will get the result.

Watch out! Sunita's coming with a BANG!!! Love and Support Nepalese Fashion Designers.


Interviewer : Binita de Smriti
Photographer: Dibesh Shrestha
Location: Bento Cafe





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