All the way from Denmark: Tascha Karma

Tascha Karma is a model from Denmark. A Danish beauty staying in Nepal for a goal to accomplish. She is a Founding Director of Karma Exclusive. Let’s know a little more about Karma and her life.

1. Let us know about you and your story.

During my University in 2014, when I had to do my final exam, I got the vision of Karma Exclusive. Since, I always had a passion for fashion. This might have come from my family especially, from my Grandma. She is also a fashion designer. In the beginning, I started out with the jewellry designs and people loved them. The vision over Karma Exclusive was to create a lifestyle brand which would give people high standard brand in clothing, accessories and home accessories.
After earthquake, I was here to help out to the earthquake victims. I was planning to stay here for one month, but as time passed I fell in love with Nepal. And I decided to stay here. In the beginning, I got an offer to manage a bar/ some other projects for women in Thamel. The contract was for 5 months. Later, I got an offer from Nepali movie and music industry for some customized outfits.

As the time passed by I got a good fundament I had my projects, and with a great and loving family both here and in Denmark I had a good base and support. With the flow of time, I was in my project, I met a guy through my friend. He was an Italian Helicopter Pilot. We were introduced as a friend and after some time we surely figured that we were made for more than friends and are now we are happily married. He loves and supports me 100% in my projects.

2. What are your morning rituals and what do you do to keep yourself healthy?

I usually don’t take breakfast. I drink green tea every morning. I take my Vitamins B12 and C. I only eat vegetarian which gives a lot of health benefits and it helps you to stay in a great shape as well. I eat brown rice rather than white rice to stay in a great shape.

3. Why and where did you start your first project? How was the experience?

I started my first project during my University in 2014. I desired to follow the footsteps of my family which especially on my dad’s side is very artistic and creative. I decided to make Karma Exclusive I got the vision back then. It was quite tough in the beginning because how do you manifest an Idea? And especially in Denmark you need a lot of processes to get started.

4. What kind of challenges you had to face with your initiation?

Of course, I faced the financial issue. It was really hard to manifest the vision I had made. It was easy to get customers, but it was harder for the production because of high cost materials.

5. How long has it been working in your brand and what do you plan on achieving through it?

Since early 2014 I’ve been working on my brand. What I wish to achieve is an exclusive product here in Nepal and India which balances cultural values with high end fashion, so that everybody can wear the design with pride, and get that extra exclusive feeling meanwhile. (You know that feeling when you slip into a silky dress and you are ready to rule the world.)

6. What else are you involved in except the fashion business?

I love the runway and the rush you get out of it. Yeah, I’m working on my modelling career here in Nepal right now. I think it also gives the fashion industry a little diversity towards a foreigner model to walk with Nepalese models. Besides, I’m also involved with the Business Guidelines which helps companies, schools and individuals to develop the tools to gain success in their life whether it is in business or personal matters. We help people to think outside the box and develop their own stairs to success.

7. Should we be expecting Your Brand’s exclusive product anytime in Nepal?

Yes, I’m working on my summer collection which will be launched soon in the market. As, I don’t want to reveal it so much but it is going to something that you have not seen in the market of Nepal before.

8. What’s your principle or motto of your life?

 Experience and good judgment comes from failure and bad judgment!

9. How do you think women should look and feel like?

The women should look the best she can. Don’t be shy, be self-confidence and love for what you have either skinny, chubby, normal, tall or short, no matter! If you are confident on your skin, you will shine and you will be beautiful. Trust me! It will make your life much more easy!

10. What is your favorite outfit and accessories?

I prefer classy style outfits and at the moment, sunglasses and neck chucks are my favorite accessories.

11. What’s the difference you found in fashion between your home country and Nepal?

Actually, the difference is not that big. People here as well as in Denmark are very up to date when it comes to fashion. The only difference I found is the people here follow the culture and traditions. You wear your beautiful traditional clothes according to festive seasons, and in Denmark we do not value in our traditions. Otherwise, we see the big difference in the seasons, here summer cloths is in 9 months a year and in Denmark winter cloths is in 9 months a year because Denmark is really really “Chizzo” !

12. If you are to rate the Fashion of Kathmandu on the scale of 1-10, what would be your rating?

I would give it a good 8.

13. What do you want to suggest the young ladies who are body conscious and don’t feel good about them?

No matter, what we do we are never satisfied and will always overanalyze ourselves because we are women. We are affected by media that we forget we are Okay to be us. In Denmark, most women want to be tanned, but here most women want to be white. I do have a wish to have a curly hair. At the end, these activities are to impress the society and most of all for the men. The matter is love yourself and respect yourself. You will find that special one who will love you what you are.

Shout Out! To Tascha Karma for being such a sport and initiating wonders in our country Nepal. We wish Karma a Best of Luck for her journey.

Reporter/Writer: Binita De Smriti
Photographer: Phungoti Nembang


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