The Rookie Fashion Designer: SJ YOLK

I do not take myself as a fashion designer but as an artist. Fashion is an art. It is a form of poetry or story telling which shows your feeling. In my collection, I love to create a story through the design.

SJ YOLK, focuses mostly on draping and except that he finds inspiration on his own. He puts out what he feels. He was interested in creativity and art since childhood. He did poetry and since the 3rd grade he started his sketching classes, but nothing gave him satisfaction until he created a dress for his friend during the time of Miss SLC. Since then, he has found himself involved in creating dresses from different material and of different kind.

 He rose to fame after winning the Voyage of Creation a Designer Competition. He says, it was unexpected and a lot of hard work was necessary since, he had less experience but with his dedication and persistence of achieving the goals, he succeeded.

SJ YOLK found difficulty in adjusting to the changes in community. "I was nothing and I became something" which brought difficulty to communicate. He loves to remain to himself but he couldn't cope as easily as the media wanted him to respond as a business person but rather he preferred being an artistic person. He worships Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. He says, “No one can create a dress like them". He thinks people copy the dresses they like in the name of fashion but dresses created by Alexander McQueen and John Galliano cannot be copied but can only be inspired from and awed at.

 He loves to dress casual but takes his time while dressing up for the day. He doesn't prefer particular style but it varies on particular days. "I want to be Alexander McQueen", he says. He wants to create designs people would remember him for and take note of his work even after his death. The designs are authentic and more on creative side.

"Save the dream, dream big where people might think you are crazy and work hard as crazy but never forget the world of dream and reality is different, where dream are easy to imagine but the real test of people is done in reality so always follow your dream but work in reality". Quotes SJ YOLK aka Labin Rai.

Reporter/Writer- Sanju Shrestha

Photographer- Dibesh Shrestha


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