Astik Sherchan : The Pulchowk 3

1. Could you say few words about yourself?

Hello! I’m Astik Sherchan. I’m the Fashion Designer, creator, and owner of Astik Design, which is the clothing company based in Kathmandu. Recently, I’ve started Pulchowk 3, where I have a collection of Kurtas, Lehengas, and Sarees. I did my fashion schooling from Paris. After completion of my degree, I did an internship project, and I returned back to Nepal then.

2. What is your motto to return back to Kathmandu? Why not Paris?

The motto to return back to Kathmandu is not only to start here my own fashion label, but actually to assist my father’s business as well.

3. Where and why did you start your first project?

I initially started with “Astik Design”. And, later it is named as “Pulchowk 3”, “Astik Design” is still alive though. I started with contemporary, western clothing 2/3 years ago. It was very difficult to sustain, because the materials are hardly found in the market. Recently, I have switched to traditional clothing. It means not going only to sell lehengas, rather I would like to let people see the clothing and the artistic used in it.

4. What kind of challenges did you face during your initiation?

Life in general is the challenge. Which challenge has the strongest motive to be accepted, it should be known. Everyone can open a boutique, and it would not be a challenge. The challenge is trying to impart the quality of the clothing you are making.

5. How long has it been working in your brand? What types of collections do you have?

It has been one year, then I started designing on traditionally styled clothing. I do have the collection of different traditional wears to western wears which are really made with applique works creatively and artistically.

6. How do you collect the experiences of Nepalese demand in Nepali market?

Fashion in Nepal is highly influenced by religions, culture and tradition. Most of the Nepalese people prefer to dress up traditionally more than western clothing in festivals, various traditional programs. Saree, Lehenga, Kurta are the most preferable clothing in Nepali market.

7. Who is your inspiration?

When I was young I used to have 10 different designers. Now, I am highly inspired by history, architecture and its technique actually. Besides Nepal history, other history like Rajasthan history, Pakistan history, etc., Thangka, and historical people are my inspiration.

8. What is your favorite outfits and accessories?

Well, if I was not a Fashion Designer, I would buy my favorite oneJ. I have many different outfits, and, every outfit is very special to me right.

9. If you are to rate the Fashion of Kathmandu on the scale of 1-10, what would be your rating?

Obviously, Kathmandu is fashionable.

10. What does your style represent? Your way of design and style.

I am very much influenced by culture, and architecture. When I started the project, it was with contemporary and western styled clothing. Today, it is decorated with traditional and cultural styled clothing.

11. What are your morning rituals and what do you do to keep yourself healthy?

Keeping in time, making in time is very important. I’m like a workaholic. I work too much, do yoga sometimes. I hate holidays. I prefer doing my work most of the time.

12. What is your ideal woman?

I think everyone is ideal in their own way. I find everyone interesting and special. I love dressing different kind of women.

13. What do you want to suggest to young ladies and gentlemen who body conscious are and don't feel good about them?

Be happy with whatever you are. Try to make compatible yourself. If you are fat, be proud of that, if you are short, love it and make it your strength, if you are tall, let the other know the sense of model with different fashionable dresses.

Reporter/Interviewer: Binita De Smriti

Photographer: Phungoti Nembang


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