Lock Down Interview Series 9 : Mukta Shrestha

Mukta Shrestha has actively been a part of the Nepali fashion industry for more than two decades, and has been operating her own label Muku for four years. In only a short span of time, Muku has showcased their collection not only in Nepal but also abroad and has a strong international clientele as well as locals.
Based on values of work ethic and customer service, Muku caters to the contemporary woman's fashion and clothing desires with a special focus on promoting the authentic Nepali dhaka, while simultaneously utilizing other  fabrics as well. The dhaka used in her collection is exclusive and hand-crafted by local weavers of Nepal. Her designs are simplistic, wearable, and contemporary as she believes to create clothes that let women be comfortable while still being as glamorous as they feel inside.


1. How are you utilizing the lock down?
I am getting the opportunity to spend some quality time with my family after ages. Ever since I started working as a designer, I have been constantly occupied with my home, work, and social lives and have been jumping from one to another. So this is quite the unexpected yet very much appreciated quality time I’m getting to spend with my family, and more importantly with myself. Besides going through pending admin-related work and household work I had been putting off, I have been utilizing this time to explore and experiment with different recipes and cuisines .


2. Are you planning for some new project after this lock down is over? Tell something about it to us.
As a brand, Muku has always focused on promoting Made in Nepal. In light on the pandemic that has affected the world, it looks like all nations will, as they should, consume goods made in their own countries to try and revive the country’s economy. Also with the understanding that individual spending capacity is most likely to be impacted by this pandemic, I am planning to focus on affordable clothing, Made in Nepal.


3. Your suggestion about how to utilize the lock down.
This pandemic and the subsequent lockdown was definitely unexpected, and can be quite challenging. As someone who is usually occupied with work, I’ve realised that this can be a unique opportunity to not only rest up, but also to explore and work on any hobbies and interests that we couldn’t spend time on otherwise because of our hectic work life. Be it cooking, gardening, painting, singing – enjoy doing what you love doing, or perhaps even explore new areas of interest. 
That being said, we must realise that we also have to prioritise taking care of ourselves. These are unprecedented and extremely challenging times, and it is absolutely okay if we are not our most productive selves right now. We should focus on being kind to ourselves, and in doing so, can take time to self-reflect and get in touch with our inner selves.

For at least 4 days of the week, set up a schedule - be it meditation, exercise, or reading. They say any habit can be formed if you do things 21 days in a row, so this is the perfect chance to make those habits!


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