Talk with Pramin Shakya

Pramin Shakya, one of the energetic upcoming designers is graduating student of Namuna College of Fashion Technology.He has already participated in many events as designer. We had short talk with him.

1. Hello. How are you?

-Hello, I’m doing great but a bit busy these days due to our upcoming graduation fashion show.

2. You are going to get Graduate with in few months. How are you feeling?

-Getting graduated comes with great responsibilities. However, I am feeling very optimistic and happy to go in the actual world of fashion and marketing after college.

3. Within few days you have graduation show titled "Journey of Fashion XIV: ABHUTPURVA PARIKALPANA" how is your preparation going on?

-Actually, the preparation is going very well. We, graduating designers are too busy these days as we are all handling the show all by ourselves. We are working very hard and even having sleepless nights to showcase our imagination and creativity.

4. What is the concept behind your design? Can you say something about it?

-My theme is inspired from Alien Gamer and is entitled “Estrangeiro Jogador”. Estrangeiro Jogador is basically a Portuguese translation of Alien Gamer. It is basically a prediction of futuristic games in relation with emerging trends of games in social media related to war, military and enmity with a twist including of extraterrestrial life which also means alien life.

5. What will be your next step after graduation?

-Right now, I am all into the upcoming Graduation Fashion Show. After that, I am planning to get master’s degree on the same course. I also have thought of working on some fashion organizations.

6. Do you have any dream project? Say something about it.

- I want to establish my own company one day which focuses on every age group.


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