Rising Make Up Artist Susmita Baral

1 Say something about you ?

Hi, My name is Susmita, im 19 year old and ful of life and fell in love with Makeup since I was 15 and then have never looked back. If you ask me who am i? I am a makeup artist with the passion to make people look beautiful, I am an artist that loves colour and vibrancy. In one word I am an artist with flare and desire to create beauty.

Rising Make Up Artist Susmita Baral

2. Why you choose being make up artist ?

I think it sums up what I said above.

3.What are the things you are learning in SMA?

SMA has brought to sharpen my skills and I've learned every Technical knowledge a Pro makeup artist needs to know. I learned that every blending has a tecnique and you cannot create it as such. SMA has fulfilled and strengthen my knowledge which has in turn made me be more confident to take up more projects related to editorial, Bridal, commercial etc. Hence I am always grateful to what I've learnt there.

4. What is your future plan ?

In the future I plan to have my own brand or line of cosmetics.

5.Who is your ideal person in the field of make up ?

My ideal person would definitely be Lisa Eldridge. I truly find her to be my mentor and hope one day I get to meet her.

6 Some tips in makeup.

My tips would be always remove your make up before sleeping.. 


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