Lock Down Interview Series 5 : Jyoti Shrestha

With hands-on demonstrable experience in media for a decade long, Jyoti Shrestha is currently working as a Communications Specialist in development field. Well known for her charismatic personality and hosting ‘Music of Your Choice’ and ‘On the Road’ on Image Channel, Shrestha is an inspiration to many who aspire to become a media personality or excel in development sector. 



1.How are you utilizing the lock down?
- I have been spending a lot of time with my family, which is always a blessing. I am busy with work rest of the days otherwise. This lock down has given me an opportunity to explore my interests too. I never knew cooking could be a therapy. I have been enjoying cooking new meals every alternate days lately. 


2.Are you planning for some new project after this lock down is over? Tell something about it to us.
- I have a list of projects that are to be implemented. I have been writing scripts for documentaries and short films, which will be filmed after this lock down is over.  



3.Your suggestion about how to utilize the lock down.
- Watch that movie you didn’t get to watch because you were busy. Read a book you wanted to read for a long time. Call that friend you haven’t stayed in touch with for ages. Have some quality conversations with your family members. Notice and appreciate the simple things around you that you have been overlooking for sometime. Not everyone is lucky to see another day nor will we get a chance like this to be at home with people we love. Appreciate the privilege you have. Practice gratitude everyday.


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