New Nepali Movie 'Intu Mintu London Ma'

New Nepali Movie 'Intu Mintu London Ma'
Casts: Samragyee RL Shah, Dhiraj Magar, Bibek Limbu, Saruk Tamrakar, Sunisha Bajgai
Director: Renasha Bantawa Rai
Producers: Prabhu SJB Rana and Prajjwal SJB Rana
Co-Producers: Sulekha Rai, Basanta Tamang and Sushmita Jirel

Intu Mintu London Ma is a romantic drama about two modern day Nepali individuals struggling to walk the fine line between tradition and modernity. Intu (Ishan) is a young Nepali guy raised and brought up in the UK, who is very passionate about anything he pursues in life. Mintu (meera) is a daughter of Nepali ambassador to the UK, who is pursuing her nursing career. Through their common friends newson, they meet by chance and unintentionally fall for each other. Everything is going fine, when suddenly things fall apart and the fate of their relationship rests on difficult choice that needs to be made by Meera. Will She be able to go against all norms for the sake of their happiness or will she be obliged to fulfill her parents' wishes.


Registration No: 135-073-74 | Executive: Anil Bir Singh Tuladhar-9841324261 | Editor: Deepa Maharjan-9860722902

Address:Dhumbakhel, Dallu Kathmandu

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