Aishwarya Released

CAST: Ramesh Upreti/ Keki Adhikari/ Dipika Prasai/ Prashant Tamrakar/ Arjun Shrestha/ Keshab Bhattarai/ Sunita Thakur /Bikash Khatiwoda/ Amit Pokhrel/ Nirmal Sharma

WRITER/DIRECTION: DiwakarBhattarai

PRODUCER: Arjun Shrestha/Kiran Rana Upreti

CO-PRODUCER: Nirmal Sharma


The most awaited movie Aishwarya has hit the screens this 26 OCT and has got an outlandish opening. The film has had a phenomenal start and all the cinemas and multiplexes have opened to HOUSEFULL shows.

Ramesh Upreti, Actor of the movie says, “Aishwarya opened with full houses inside the valley and has the same expectation form other cities as well. The kind of response we are seeing is tremendous.”

After the press release of the movie, Prasant Tamrakar, playing the negative character for the movie, has been able to bag a lot of appraisal for his role. He further said “I am very glad to see the response I am getting and how people are loving the movie. Now people call me as ‘Ragav’.”


The film has grossed the total amount of Rs 28 lakh 86 thousand and 107 rupees on its opening day in the valley, and it has succeeded in collecting 19 lakhs 30 thousand and 575 rupees outside the valley. The first day gross collection has been 48 lakh 16 thousand and 782 rupees. The film has also been forecasted for combative collection on Friday and Saturday.



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