Fashion is not something everyone is really into or interested in. Nepal being a developing country, along with various other developments, there had also been vast development regarding the fashion scenario. For the country like Nepal dwelling into the nature, rich in cultural diversity and architecture, the source of inspiration can be in huge numbers for the designers. Regarding vogue ‘crosspollination of trends’ has yet taken the fashion to the next level. This is what our designer Miss Monalisa Awale has showcased on the fashion secrets-season 3. The event was triumphantly held on 7th June 2019 at club Fahrenheit, Thamel. The peculiar show was supported by Nepal institute of fashion(NIF), NEST, DATFashion, with online partner ‘Ratopati’. The event was managed by Aasish Pandey (IN-EVENT-TATION) and it was clenched with the aim of promoting tourism 2020 and was also a charitable fashion show to spread the cancer awareness. 

The overall ambience of the show was astonishing, as the runway was splattered with the creation and innovation of the famous designers from Kathmandu namely Utkrist Bir Bikram Khadka(CEO of fashion secrets-3), Sangita Thapa (Fashion Stitch), Monalisa Awale (graduated designer from NCFT), Anchu Pandey (Stitch Land Boutique) Renu Thakuri (TARA Boutique) and Parool Beriwaal. The fashion secrets-3 was successfully coordinated with the assistance of various graduating designers from Nepal Institute of Fashion and Namuna College of Fashion Technology. The fashion runway was capable of providing an eye catchy effect to the audience with the beat of music and lighting and addition of beautiful choreography done by Mr. Samim Khan (Man hunt international Nepal 2016)

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world,the women who wear them will”

-Anne Klein

The fashion show was carved up into 6 different themed sequences as


The theme ORO by Mr. Utkrist Bir Bikram Khadka beautifully portrayed the nature and high Himalayas of Nepal. The theme was completely connected with the mountains which gave audiences the vibes of windy peak, peace and the breeze. The colors of apparel used in this sequence were affiliated with the mountains and rock colors.


The designer Miss Sangita Thapa (Fashion Stitch) got inspired from the red carpet looks from Hollywood and Bollywood. She had added her own creations to make her designs look more unique, beautiful and glamorous.


The graduated designer Miss Monalisa Awale named her theme as cocktail as it was actually a cocktail of cultural designs and modern designs. The designer has blend the attire in such a way that neither it loses its cultural identity nor it is boring enough to look at.


Miss Parool Beriwaal left an outstanding impression over the audience once her designs were showcased. The kids wear attire looked more eminent once the beautiful baby girls walked into the runway as models flattering the princess inspired designs by ParoolBeriwaal.


The sequence ‘evening wear’ manifested ready to wear and evening wear apparels designed by Miss Renu Thakuri (TARA). Various heavy embroideries were added in order to make the evening gowns very lavishing and glamorous for the evening party’s and occasions.


Since the classic beauty is an idea of beauty with no standard here the designer Miss Anchu Pandey (Stitch land boutique) has indulged herself into recreating the classic fashion world. She has included her very own bold and classic looks for this sequence.

To sum up, with the agile participation of audiences, models, designers, and assistant designers the show was successfully accomplished. The showstopper for the show was beautiful Nepali actress Miss Karuna Shrestha and Mr. Samim Khan (Man Hunt International Nepal 2016)


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