Stiching Competition

This is first STITCHING COMPETITION organized by Namuna for Namunian's. It was held on July 28. The Judgement day was done on 27th July .Judges were given judgement sheet with four criteria i.e, Time, Design, Stitching & Finishing and Fit. One model was chosen for all the competitions so as the judgement will be fair on Fitting. For time, we gave 3 hrs time and if in case they didnt finish and took more time then, each added 15 mins results to deduction of 0.5 marks. And for Fit,design and Sticth.Finishing, we recorded as per Judges. Then average marks of each criteria from all judges were taken and the result was finalized. Result Day was on 4th August.
Model=Pasang Ghising
Photographer-Jeevan, Simon Pandit & Aden Suwal
Judges= Laxya Bam Rajwar, Kusma Shrestha, Moon Prajapati & Samjhana Rajwar
Winner=Muna Siwakoti & Jharana Shrestha
1st runner up=Brahma Pant & Kanchan Bharati
2nd runner up=Sanju Shrestha & Purnima Rana Magar
3rd runner up=Reshma Joshi & Rafina Maharjan
















                                                                                    3RD RUNNER UPS

















                                                                                       2ND RUNNER UP

















                                                                                      2ND RUNNER UP
















                                                                                           1ST RUNNER UPS

















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