Echoes in the Valley

The festival strives to uncover, revive and make relevant Kathmandu’s intangible heritages and disappearing sounds by showcasing local music, art, and performances of everyday rituals. It will transform small neighbourhoods into grand stages for musical conversations between international and local artists.

In addition, the festival will offer an array of interactive educational initiatives, creative workshops, guided neighbourhood walks, and an open museum of communal art and artifacts.

The festival is organized by Kanta dAb dAb's social initiative 'Musicians for Musicians' in collaboration with local community organizations.


Who is performing in the festival ?

"Ma is from K.U Department of Music, one of the groups performing at the festival.
“Ma- a musical Kaleidoscope”
‘Ma’ is an ensemble of 2014 batch from the Music Department, Kathmandu University, Nepal. These enthusiastic musicians, pursuing their Bachelors in Ethnomusicology course, create exceptional music drawing inspiration from huge source of World Music. The music is both instrumental and lyrical. 
Ma is a conglomeration of young musicians from varied ethnic backgrounds and religious faith. The music they create, hence, is an attempt of creating a junction where one can meet the differences yet feel the harmony. 
The band, comprised of nine members of varying ages, from teens to one in the thirties, share their musical skills and experiences creating music that can touch the audience of all age-group. 
Band formed in the year 2015, has performed at various venues at Music Department premises. Meanwhile, the individual band members associating with other bands outside university have shared stages with many popular artists of the country and abroad.


Band members:

Bikesh Bajracharya
John Rashin Sing
Mousam Sunuwar Rai
Merit Maharjan
Prakash Ghimirehimire
Pushpa Palanchoke
Raju Hyaunmikha
Shrisha Maharjan
Sugam Deshar

2. Word Warriors


Ujjwala Maharjan and Yukta Bajracharya are two of the founding members of Word Warriors, a spoken word poetry collective from Nepal. Spoken word poets and instructors, Ujjwala and Yukta are also currently working as Program Coordinators for a spoken word poetry project called Write to Speak. 

Formed back in December 2010, Word Warriors works with individuals, mainly youth, from diverse backgrounds, hosting spoken word poetry performance events, workshops and slams. Through the platform of spoken word poetry, Word Warriors hopes to bring unheard stories and voices to the forefront. Follow Word Warriors on Facebook at @SpokenWordNepal and on YouTube at Word Warriors Nepal.







3. Sitar Maestro from Nepal Mr. Tara Bir Singh Tuladhar

It is our honour to feature the internationally acclaimed Sitar Maestro from Nepal Mr. Tara Bir Singh Tuladhar at Echoes In The Valley Music Festival. 

During his five decades of sitar playing, he has played in numerous national and international stages collaborating with many acclaimed artists. He has also contributed his sitar virtuosity for Sur Sudha, a pioneer instrumental band of Nepal. 













4. Resonance Of Roots

Resonance Of Roots is a group of eight young musicians from different backgrounds and musical influences. Blending western and eastern musical influences, the group composes music by brainstorming their ideas based on individual band members preferences and packaging them into dramatic compositions. The band started as a group of student ensemble in 3 years Performing Course run by Nepal Music Centre. Working under the guidance of their teachers and mentors, the group grows stronger and so does their musicianship.

Aman Shahi
Ashish Gurung
Hyolmo Pasang Lama
Manis Ale
Ukesh Chetwan
Nir Khadka
Abhishek Karki
Shree Rajan Shrestha





5. Project Sarangi 

Project Sarangi - Gandarvas are a Nepalese ethnic community historically nomadic entertainers and musicians. One of their prized instruments is the Sarangi, a four-stringed instrument played upright, with a bow. Sarangi is handcrafted out of a single piece of wood, hollowed at the base then covered with leather. The instrument's sound resembles the human voice laced with rich oriental undertones. 
Today, it holds a significant role to the folk genre of Nepalese music. Due to globalization and commercialization of music and entertainment, the tradition is slowly dying and the instrument itself faces extinction. Project Sarangi is committed to the preservation and promotion of the living art of Sarangi through crafting professional-grade Sarangis and souvenirs to raise awareness and keeping the craftsmanship alive.

Gresom Grace belong to the Gandarba family, alike other gandarvas he also grew up with the instrument and he is a self taught Sarangi Player. Presently he is playing with different bands in the Thamel and also performs reguraly at different venues around Kathmandu.





6. Earth’a

Earth’a is an ensemble group consisting of 10 aspiring musicians, each having their own distinctive musical color and flavour blended into one.
Though having guitars, bass and drums as their primary instruments, the group is also exploring outside this range resulting into a unique array of musical instruments and ideas. Likewise, Earth’a is currently engaged in the ‘3 Years Performance Course’ at Nepal Music School, constantly honing their musical abilities and ideas.

Band Members:
Salin Magar
Rajesh Khadgi Shahi
Rohan Magar
AshiMm Funkyie Tamang
Tenpah Tamang
Pramin Kdka Chhetri
Jebish Maharjan
Paras Khadka
Niraj Tamang
Sarthak Dhungana





7. Night

Night is a new-school folk band that focuses on using traditional Nepali instruments
and creating new sounds and reintroduce said instruments to a new audience. The
songs they have released have definitely carved them a solid audience ranging from the
metal-heads to the working man.
Night aims to reproduce and even reinvent some of the many endangered/lost instruments of Nepal. We aim to create new sounds, music and stories from these instruments while also attempting to rediscover a part of Nepali musical culture.
Night’s music is dubbed as New School Folk. Part fusion and part re-interpretation, our sound is an attempt to explore the possibilities of instruments and tunes that was a part of the Nepali culture. We also aim to introduce and also create an environment for discovery and adoption of rare Nepali instruments.


Registration No: 135-073-74 | Executive: Anil Bir Singh Tuladhar-9841324261 | Editor: Deepa Maharjan-9860722902

Address:Dhumbakhel, Dallu Kathmandu

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