The year 2017 is just on our doorstep, the new music videos are  already hitting up the count downs and are trending all over the social medias. But, not all of the songs reach to that hit or popularity. Besides the technical advancement a great  music video still needs a proper story, good color visual and graphics meaning to content and track of the video.

So, Here we list the hit music videos along with the trending ones of this season.

  • SHAPE OF YOU by Ed Sheeren has got the major hit within the week of release of his song. It is a pop song with tropical effects and scrummy acoustics starring Jennie Pegouskie retired professional wrestler Yamamoto yama Ryuta. A narrative music video showing the stories of the wrestlers, falling for the other. The props and the settings are made exactly as what the story demands.
  • SAILI by Hemant Rana has already hit the music box office with over 5.9 million weeks over a week. The story in the music video is taken from the typical stories of Neplese. So, keeping in mind the concept and theme of the story models are dressed up in the ordinary clothing saree, choli, shirt and pants worn by ordinary men and women in rural areas. Makeup, done realistically as what the setting demands.
  • I DON’T WANNA LIVE FOREVER, it is a collaborated song by an American song writer and singer Taylor swift and Zyan malik. The song reflects one of the plot from Fifty shades of dark. The lyrics are kept simple and straight forwards keeping the music smooth and interesting. The story is about the girl and boy relationship that didn’t seem to work out but is also about a second chance. Outfits are kept usual, Zyan is seen in classic black suit and a black shirt with his signature look. Likewise, Taylor swift is seen in  lingerie with a black long jacket over it with a darker red lip and a pixie cut hair style. and as always both looks stunning.

Likewise some of the popular music videos trending and are mostly liked or talked about music videos are :

  • Chainsmokers – Closer ft. Halsey
  • Charlie puth –  We don’t talk anymore ft. Selena Gomez
  • Ed sheeran –  Castle on the hill


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