In spite of its overwhelming presence in newspapers, magazines, and on television; the fashion industry in Nepal is young.

The word 'Fashion' brings on images of glamour. The onset of the worldwide fashion market in Nepal has given a thrust to the fashion industry. This has attracted so many young people.

Today, there are a couple of Nepali fashion designers peddling designs and wares. Some are well known and are expanding, slowly but surely, into the international market. Nepal's romance with fashion design has just begun and is bound to grow by leaps and bounds. Young women want to emulate models and the designer wear of film stars.

There is everything from pure ethnic wear, highly suitable for Nepali bridal collections to some Western style designer wear for the red carpet. Nepal loves fashion!

Some names which are known in fashion industries are – Manish Rai, Yubi Thapa, Bishwo Gautam, Tenzin Tseten Bhutia, Rasna Shrestha--- the list just keeps growing.

The reason Nepal's fashion industry will have a bright future i.e. it has a large young population. This, combined with increasing disposable incomes, has led to an increase in consumerism. So, those who can afford are looking for high quality and originality. They love brand names. Hence, we can say that the future of fashion industry in Nepal looks promising.

This industry offers an abundance of opportunities for artistic, hard-working and enthusiastic people. The scenario for fashion design graduates looks good, thanks to the enormous and still increasing demand for stylish clothes and the quantity of exports.

After successful accomplishment of the graduate course, one can be self-employed. On the other hand, several garment store chains, export houses, textile mills, boutiques, fashion show organizers and jewellery houses recruit professionals fascinated with a career in fashion designing.

The fashion industry relies a lot on Nepal's authentic, beautiful history and rich diverse culture, to make its unique clothing. Growing industrial recognition, which hinges on its cultural style, has many of us wondering to get the green light to go international.

Being in its early years, the fashion industry can still nurture and push its popularity, but it may take a bit more to establish itself and its roots internationally. The clothing made by the country's elite fashion designers is not only beautiful, but unique, exquisite, and one-of-a-kind.

Time will tell when the fashion industry will break that international barrier.

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