13 Fashion Hacks: Helpful For Every Women

Women have different fashionable outfits on their closet, some do have catastrophes like either stains or some regular problems. With some right knowledge these problems can be easily managed. Here are some 13 hacks which could save your favourite outfit from ruining. Well you can’t stop these accidents but with these tips and tricks you can definitely save your favourite outfits.

1. Unstick a Pesky Zipper: Rub Vaseline or crayon wax along the teeth of zipper to help it slide smoothly. 


2. Remove Stains on Leather: Spray the stain with the mixture of cold water & vinegar, then rub gently. 


3. Fix a Painful Underwire: When the underwire of your bra begins to poke out, use moleskin to cover up the wire.

4. Remove Sweater Pill: Use a sweater comb, pumice stone or razor to help clean off your sweater pilling but never pull off by hand.



5. Stretch shoes that are small: If your shoes are tiny, try wearing a pair of thick shocks with shoes and then blow dry the tight spots. The heating would stretch the tight spot.

6. Banish Yellow Stains: Get rid of yellow stains from underarm by applying mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water to that spot.

7. Remove dirt on cloth shoes: Apply a mixture of baking soda and detergent with toothbrush and scrub.

8. Washing Sweaters: Use baby shampoo to wash your delicate sweaters.

9. Remove Odour from sneakers: Cover the shoes in baking soda to help stop the stinky feet.

10. Help tighten the loose sunglass: Use water nail polish to tighten up the hinges of sunglass, if they re feeling loose. 

11. Prevent Blisters: Spray some deodorants on your soles to help prevent painful blisters from tight flats and sandals.

12. Stop a button from falling off: Paint a layer of water nail polish over the threads to keep them from falling off.



13.  Test Jeans fit: If you don’t have time to try on a pair of jeans then simply wrap the waist around your neck. If you can touch the two ends together around your neck, the jeans will fit you. 

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