Ahmed Dulla - The Factory Team Launches Winter Collection 2017

In the world of duplicates, we crave for customization and authenticity. Ahmed Dulla - The Factory Team brings you their designer footwear to stay in power and own the world. Good shoes take you to good places.

Ahmed Dulla - The Shoe Designer is passionate about shoe making and possesses great skills in his pursuit. The Kathmandu based Designer has launched his Winter Collection 2017. The collection has limited edition leather shoes – Perfect for our winter outfit.

We had an interview with The Designer. He answers all our queries and doubts.

1. What's different about your shoes than the existing shoes in market?

Three things that put us apart from others in the market are:

a) We only make 100 pairs of limited edition shoes. We never repeat once they are sold out.

b) We only use genuine leather for all our products.

c) We have customer after sales services like - refinishing of old shoes.

2. How do you design and produce your products?

I design with my instincts and do little market research here and there. I select the top best ones that, I know for sure that will sell among all the 15-20 designs, we make as samples first.

3. As seen, on Social media each of the shoes seems to have a name like JASMINE, BUTTERCUP... Why so?

Usually, shoe designs are in numerical to identify the product or the design but I am very bad with such numbers and it becomes difficult for me to work with such numbers so, I give them random names which is much easier for me to remember when customers want any particular model or design and hence, we started giving names to our shoes.

4. As a Shoe Designer, How is the daily Life?

For me, I am constantly thinking about anything new I can do or try to bring in ideas on how to move ahead. My mind never stops from future course of planning that I need to do or if anything, I can do more. Now, I am more into business. I usually get up early morning around 5 am and start to prepare for the day. I prefer doing all my meetings early in the morning. At afternoon, I like to spend time with my family which is very important for me. Work and family life both has to go hand in hand.

5. How did you enter the shoe market? Why choose the shoe Business? 

I choose Shoe Business out of passion. I am very passionate about shoes and hence, I took it up as my career and did my 3 years course in Footwear Technology where, I was taught everything from designing of shoes and making of shoes and how to operate various machines. A real rigorous training and the more I learnt about shoes, the more I became inquisitive about it. Then, I slowly started to learn about the art of business. With practice and experience - I began to understand better and everyday I get to learn. 

6. How do you want to be recognized by the public?

I never did this for recognition. I just loved what I did and that's how things fell in place. I am ever passionate to learn and still like cleaning customer shoes and see how I can put my years of experience into it. It's always nice to sit and have a conversation when you are repairing their shoes!!

Let's support Nepal made products and encourage the manufacturers and producers to keep up the good work. When such industries are established it benefits the employees and the domestic market. Such establishment can create awareness among the consumers on Fashion Branding.

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