Aspara Fashion Week

Aspara Fashion Week is the first edition that has been held in Shymkent Kazakhstan from 10th to 12th may. Designers from more than 20 countries were invited in the show to showcase there collection.

I was invited to represent Nepal in Aspara Fashion Week. My collection was based on all handmade and hand woven fabrics where we can see most of them are hand knitted woolen dress. It was inspired by the colors of nature and waves of ocean. Most of them are one piece dresses which is very wearable, simple and elegant. All the other designers and organizers who came from another country was praising collection from Nepal.

It was very well organized and I must say one of the best international fashion show I have ever been.


Registration No: 135-073-74 | Executive: Anil Bir Singh Tuladhar-9841324261 | Editor: Deepa Maharjan-9860722902

Address:Dhumbakhel, Dallu Kathmandu

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