Mr. & Ms. Rotaract

Mr. and Ms. Rotaract is a nationwide hunt for charismatic and intelligent Male and female Rotaractors. The intent of this event is to provide a platform for youth to showcase their skills, personality and talent to the entire nation. The event will not only find an ‘ambassadorial face’ of Rotaract Nepal but also will help in promoting Rotaract in the society as the lively and enthusiastic organization.

More About the Event

Mr. and Ms. Rotaract is a journey. A journey where we will bring out two exemplary Rotaractors who deserve to be the face of Rotaract Nepal. All Rotaractors below the age of 25 are welcome to be a part of this journey.

The event will take place in several phases:

Phase 1 : Application and Auditions

All interested applicants will initially have to fill the online application form. From the application form, the applicants will be called for Auditions at the city they have chosen. The audition will be interview based where the contestant’s personality, attitude,

Audition Date:
Kathmandu: October 28, 2017
Other locations: November 4, 2017

10 male and 10 female contestants will be shortlisted from each city, that is a total of 50 male and 50 female contestants will be chosen for the second round.

In the second round, the contestants will be given a task, on basis of which the Top 18 Male and Female Contestants will be chosen who will compete for the title of Mr. and Ms. Rotaract!

Phase 2 : 3-day Bootcamp

The top 18 contestants will attend a 3-day Bootcamp at Mount Princess Hotel, Dhulikhel. The Bootcamp will consist of various training and workshops on different topics and areas, and also different individual competitions. The contestant’s performance in the Bootcamp will reflect much of the individual’s abilities and will also have a large weightage in determining the results. The workshops will be related to areas such as personality building, public speaking, understanding of social issues, working on progressive and change-making projects and more, along with talent showcase, team tasks, fellowship and more.

Phase 3: Grand Finale

After the 3 days Bootcamp which will prepare the contestants for the finale, the Grand Finale will take place on the 4th day. The Finale will be an enthralling stage show with various rounds of activities and performances in the presence of 700+ audience. The Finale will feature various rounds of performances, Q&A rounds and guest performances from different artists. A panel of judges will be evaluating the contestants to finally select the first Mr. and Ms. Rotaract!

A devout Rotaractor, high on morals and high on energy – a thinker, a doer, a leader and a motivator – a strong personality, a team player, a progressive mindset and the right attitude – that’s what it takes to be the ideal Rotaractors!

If you have a rational mind, a learning attitude and an unstoppable determination to achieve great. Apply Now  to be a part this life-changing experience!

Registration No: 135-073-74 | Executive: Anil Bir Singh Tuladhar-9841324261 | Editor: Deepa Maharjan-9860722902

Address:Dhumbakhel, Dallu Kathmandu

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