CHITWAN GLAM EVE 2019 is an event which is first of its kind held in chitwan organized in collaborations of Chitwan School of Fashion and YAC events by amateur and creative pioneer with an intension to set new trend and development in fashion industry. It is a platform set up for both young and professional’s designer to deliver their top notch collection within mass of and media & press. The aim of the event is to encourage national or domestic fashion designer to improvised their design label and quality every season and exchange their creativity with the growing mass of fashion conscious consumers from fashion buyer to celebrities and individual clients. Chitwan Fashion Night is accompanied in a most serene and peaceful location in Chitwan having a capacity of 350 approximate attendees audience inside stage ground and excessive spaces for after show party ,buffet and exclusivity of events.


The design will be showcased in total 4 sequences are as follows:


Retro Hollywood style is a style that is imitative or consciously derivate of lifestyle, trends or art form from the historical past including in music, moods, fashion or attitude. It may also known as "Vintage". Where our lifestyle in fashion takes cycling generation to generation.


This theme wills portray the dresses resembling the emotions and moods of our life. The dressed presented through kid models. In this theme will carry out various beautiful necklines keeping the silhouettes same design details like box pleat, frills, fringes, ruffles, bows to make the spring summer mood lively.

STYLING (BE COOL AND COMFORT) The major theme of this presentation deals with top stylish dress, accessories from the renowned brand collections of Nepal The wearable wears featuring spring summer stylish and causal looks will be the major part of the collection. The dress details like pant, t-shirts, shirts, shorts, jackets, shoes etc.

CREATIVE COLLECTION In this sequence 15+ creative and inspiring design made by innovative and skillful designers will be showcased. Each and every design will have a story behind its aesthetics and composition.


About Chitwan School of Fashion (CSF)

CSF Provides an environment which awakens the young mine and fasters them a rational and responsible attitude. This helps the student, to deal with challenges of the Fashion Industry.

CSF is the School of Fashion a Design to train professional in the fashion and luxury system. The school dedicates and focuses itself for creating professional of par caliber who would like to make a mark in the manufacturing Design, merchandiser and Organized Retail sector in the field of Textile and Fashion.

Chitwan School of Fashion will enable the Student to learn cosign management which includes exclusive theory Classes, intensive practical, field visit , market survey, Craft Documentation, Design Development, Portfolio Development, industry Internship a Design Collection

The School will be marching forward to create a center of excellence with qualitative education, Creative exposure, Co-conceptualization skill a Technical expertise, well researches Caching methodology industry linkage and intellectuality cosmopolitan environment.


Registration No: 135-073-74 | Executive: Anil Bir Singh Tuladhar-9841324261 | Editor: Deepa Maharjan-9860722902

Address:Dhumbakhel, Dallu Kathmandu

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