Lock Down Interview Series 7 : Anita Khati Chettri

Anita Khati Chettri is renowned fashion designer. She have showcased her numerous designs in fashion shows within Nepal, recently she have showcased her design in 'Fashion Mia runway 2020' with theme of   ‘Corona virus prevention'.

1. How are you utilizing the lock down?

Being a designer I am able to utilize this time of lockdown quite nicely as I am able to give time to my sketches, drawings and other designs of mine.


2. Are you planning for some new project after this lock down is over? Tell something about it to us.

I do have some events after lockdown. And due to this lockdown I have got some productive time for myself. This time of lockdown has been quite helpful for me as I had to prepare for some events and now I can give my full time for the preparation.


3. Your suggestion about how to utilize the lock down.

Lockdown is a time that can be utilized to its most.

- By giving time to those things which you left due to your busy schedule.

- One can even learn new things but make sure that it is productive and helpful to you.

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