Lock Down Interview Series 6 : Mamta Gurung Joshi

Mamta Gurung Joshi fashion designer by profession is creative and bubbly person with creative idea in the field of fashion industry.

1.   How are you utilizing the lock down?

 I am spending my time with family and especially with my son. I am creating memories and bonding time with my little one, which I always wanted to but couldn’t. Besides my motherly duties (feeding, washing, cleaning, bathing, changing, putting him to sleep with lullabies, comforting him in his emotional mood swings) we are playing with his toys, being superheroes, dancing and singing, practicing reading & writing, doing homework, drawing and coloring, staying in touch with his friends and teachers, reading him historical/ mythical/ bedtime stories, and doing lots more. Quality family time with outdoor activities like basketball, football, badminton, cycling and gardening. And indoor activities like ludo, carrom board, monopoly, watching movies and serials. This lockdown has definitely brought me closer to my family. This bonding would not have been possible otherwise.


2. Are you planning for some new project after this lock down is over? Tell something about it to us.    

Yes. I have always wanted to explore different fields that have intrigued me. Recently I have been working on a project that is completely different from fashion designing, and for this project I am trying to create an A1 team to succeed. The team will consist of members whose experience, expertise, personal skills and nature will complement each other in this business. I have some other projects in the pipeline as well which I won’t be able to disclose right now since we Nepalese have a jinx saying “Kaam anne bhanda pahile bhannu hudaina”.

3.  Your suggestion about how to utilize the lock down.   

Personally, on the brighter side I feel it’s a second chance for mankind where all the hustle bustle, work stress pauses providing quality time with family, giving Mother Earth time to heal. Since health is wealth, choose any form of exercise, for example, cardio workouts or burn out sessions is beneficial for this ‘tech age generation’ who spends a lot of time in front of screens. Exercise is not only beneficial for staying fit, but it also releases endorphins which helps in having a positive mindset. Meditation also helps us physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually so use this time to rediscover your true self. It is the right time to reflect and improvise in every aspects of your life, be it love, health or career. Bonding and creating a loving, caring, and positive surrounding with your family in this crucial time will also help in cultivating the young minds at home into becoming doctors, army officers, businessman, engineers, future leaders, etc. which come from each household. Without fixed mindset of work at home for men & women, every family members should contribute in home chores, be it cooking, cleaning, gardening, washing clothes, dish washing, etc.... If you are blessed in a position to help others with masks, sanitizers, basic necessities & food then please do so with the help of police, armies & gain all the beautiful blessings. Please lead by example by becoming a helping hand... 

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