Lock Down Interview Series 8 : Tenzin Tseten Bhutia

Fashion designer by profession Tenzin Tseten Bhutia is also stylist based in KTM, who have been making mark with every new creations for almost a decade now.



1.How are you utilizing the lock down?

I have been working on lots of interesting new concepts... It's actually a nice break for all of us from the fast moving world... Time to relax and think over what do you wanna do next... My creative juices are flowing from every corner but at the same time feels sad to hear the news of thousands of people suffering with the illness...

2.Are you planning for some new project after this lock down is over? Tell something about it to us.

Well lots of projects and client orders are on hold becoz of the lockdown... I am sure as soon as this covid 19 case is solved and we move on... We will be coming with the projects that's been pending and we will definitely announced it too as soon it goes as per the plans... Till then we have to wait and focus more on the situation that we are in...

3.Your suggestion about how to utilize the lock down.

My suggestion would be to just relax and do lots of brain storming about the work you are doing and that you are going to do in the future... Think about what you want in your life and make it productive with the things available to you. For a fashion enthusiastic people I can suggest to work on different patterns for the garment, make a inspiration and mood board and do lots of research on different aspects of life that you want to get inspired by. And yes, watch lots of movies and videos from where we can actually get inspired by.
Thank you....

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