Plast Nepal Foundation Fashion Show

On 19th December, 2018 at Alice Receptions – Plast Nepal Foundation held their Annual General Meeting. In the event, with attendance of respected and elite members; the Alumni of Namuna College of Fashion Technology organized a fashion show. The fashion show was a major highlight of the event as it exhibited ‘Avant Garde’ Designs. The designs were created with materials of plastics, papers, glasses and fabrics. The designs were creative - built on various concepts and only served the purpose of storytelling.

The designs were astounding and built artistically; that amazed the audience. The motive of the fashion show was to presentideas on ‘Recycle, Reuse and Reduce’ the non-degradable wastes. Sustainable fashion has been essential for every fashion company and the fashion designers were loud about it, with their designs flaunted by divas on the stage.

With fashion Designers, models, make-up artists, choreographers and management of the Alumni of NCFT, the fashion show was excellent.The Alumni and active members played a great role in success of Plast Nepal Foundation Fashion Show on Sustainable Fashion. The members on Alumni and team behind consist of graduates and undergraduates of NCFT.  To list down the team members behind are: Nisha Neupane, Neha Chitrakar, Sabina Chaudhary, Jecy Bhakta Tamang, Karishma Lama, Srijana Karmakar, BikshyaDangol, Kritana Khatiwada, Samana Gotame, Anita Bhandari, Poonam Gurung, Amrita Bhandari, Sushant Pudasaini, Nidhi Pradhan, Soni Shrestha, Nimisha Pradhan, Ojaswi Shrestha, Nasana Tuladhar, Sweekrity Pyakuryal, Sadhana Ranabhat, Ashim Ranabhat, Soniya Raiand Deepika Khadka.

The President of Alumni ‘Nisha Shrestha’ and Treasurer ‘Rajendra Rai’ with admirable efforts co-ordinated the team. They led the Plast Nepal Foundation Fashion show to an outstanding achievement with team efforts and splendid execution.


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